* Important Cake Definitions

It’s important to understand some bakery terms when looking for a dessert.

  1. TIERS verses LAYERS:  A Layered Cake is a cake made up of multiple stacks of cake with identical size. … These stacked layers of cake are held together with buttercream frosting. Tiered Cake consists of multiple layered cakes of different sizes stacked on top of each other – think Wedding Cake.  We offer cakes of 2 layers only.  However, we offer Tiered cakes of 2 or 3 tiers for birthdays and weddings.
  2. BUTTERCREAM FROSTING:   We only use American buttercream frosting which contains real butter, confectionary sugar, heavy cream, and real vanilla extract.
  3. CREAM CHEESE FROSTING:   We make ours with Philadelphia cream cheese, real butter, confectionary sugar, and real vanilla extract.
  4. FONDANT:  Fondant is used to decorate or sculpt edible 3D figures. It is made from sugar, water, gelatin, vegetable fat or shortening, and glycerol.  We do NOT decorate our cakes with Fondant.  But we can create limited 3D decorations for your cake at an additional charge.
  5. NAKED CAKE vs. SEMI NAKED CAKE:   A naked cake is completely completely unfrosted on the sides, whereas a semi-naked cake has a thin layer of buttercream frosting with some of the cake sponge showing through.  In both cases the cake will have a normal amount of buttercream frosting between the layers for stability.
  6. FULLY FROSTED CAKE:   The sides of the cake are fully covered with buttercream frosting and no cake sponge is showing through.