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IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER:  WE REQUIRE 48 HOUR ADVANCE NOTICE FOR ON-LINE ORDERS! However, IF NEXT DAY IS REQUIRED, you have 2 options: You may either call the bakery at 202-450-4462 to place your order with our staff during regular business hours, or complete the on-line pick up / delivery form and select the date over-ride option which you will find directly below the calendar. Only certain desserts are eligible for this next day option. Please bear in mind that there will be a rush order surcharge of $10.

Lastly, for non-rush orders (48 hours and later), please double check the date you choose for either delivery or pickup to ensure absolute accuracy.  We will not assume responsibility, issue refunds, or agree to cancel a processed order due to your inputting the wrong date.  It is your responsibility to contact us immediately at (202) 450-4462 if you have submitted your order with the wrong date and we will update the order date accordingly.