Pickup or Delivery?


IMPORTANT NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER:  WE ARE NOW ALLOWING 48 HOUR ADVANCE NOTICE FOR ON-LINE ORDERS! Please double check the date you choose for either delivery or pickup to ensure absolute accuracy.  We will not assume responsibility, issue refunds, or agree to cancel a processed order due to you inputting the wrong date.  It is your responsibility to contact us immediately at (202) 450-4462 if you have submitted your order with the wrong date.  We will correct the order date upon your advance notification.   Online orders require a 48 hour time frame to be valid orders. If you need to place an order in less than 48 hours, you are required to call the bakery to make sure we can do it.  Please note that we will only accept and process on-line orders that have given us 48 or more hours advance notice.   Thank you!