Build your own Wedding Cake


We would love to help make your special day deliciously sweet! You can now build your own wedding cake from a tiny one serving 4-6 people to a large 3 tier extravaganza!

☣ COVID TIME OPTIONS: Order our tiny wedding cake for 4-6 people. The Making of our Tiny Wedding Cake on YouTube. ALSO you can order your cake tasting to pickup up at our store or be delivered to your door. Then enjoy your own private tasting at home where you can have lively flavor and wedding cake designs conversations. ❤️😉

NORMAL TIMES: Email us at to schedule your wedding cake tasting and meet our wedding cake consultant. We will respond to you quickly and can easily set up a no hassle cake tasting which is $25 and will be applied to your wedding cake purchase! We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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