Friends (TV Show) Cake

The hit TV show called Friends is one of most popular American television sitcoms ever.  You get to choose the size of the cake, the interior cake flavor, and the birthday inscription on the cake board . . .The one where (your name) turns (your age).  The cake design which includes the yellow picture frame and the print image on the side of the cake,  plus the buttercream frosting colors will be decorated as in the photograph.


  • The Vanilla Funfetti option has rainbow colored sprinkles baked into the batter. It is called funfetti or confetti cake because when baked, the rainbow sprinkles melt into dots of bright color that resemble confetti.
  • Just provide us the name and age. The standard inscription is included in the price of the cake and will be . . . The one where (insert name) turns (insert age). This will be written on the cake board as in the photo
  • Choose a color for the words you want written.
  • Type the full phrase that you want on the cake board. For example . . . The one where Tom turns 35
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee your special request(s) will be fulfilled as additional charges may be incurred depending on the incremental labor/ingredients required.
  • $0.00